Why (I Think) Humanism Is A Better Option For Queer People Than Religion

The following blog post is an updated version of something I wrote on my blog a few months ago. A few months ago, Alex Gabriel wrote a piece called Jesus was not a queer ally. In it, he reminds readers that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, and, therefore, it does …

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The Life and Times of an Aspiring Saint

Hi and welcome to The B, the new biweekly Friday column made by and for bisexuals, pansexuals, the sexually fluid, queer, and anyone else who is attracted to people of more than one gender. I slid out of my mother’s womb filled with the unshakeable belief that I had arrived …

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Coming Out Story: From Fundamentalism to Acceptance

Today’s Coming Out Story is mine, but also involves the coming out of my best friend, Erik. I share our story with his permission. My best friend is Erik, a lanky boy I met on the school bus when we were both in the 4th grade. We bonded because we were …

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I’m Your G-G-G-G-G-G Gender Bomb!

CN: TRANSPHOBIA, REFERENCES TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS, SUICIDE, VIOLENCE (Apologies to The Runaways for borrowing one of their lyrics) Once again, Pope Francis proves he’s not the progressive people think he is. According to Gay Star News, the Pope recently compared transgender people to nuclear weapons in a book published in …

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Sceptics, Religion and Queers? Oh Myyyyy

Why don’t LGBTQ people leave their religion after their communities harm them? It’s a question you see a lot, around the skeptical side of the internet. You’ll hear yet another case of an LGBTQ person being treated horrendously by their religious community. Maybe it’s another kid being kicked out of …

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Deconstructing The Anti-Sexwork Video From Upworthy – An Atheist Perspective

Recently a video found here has been making its way around the internet, this video depicts sex workers in the red light district doing a dance number, and at the end it shows an anti trafficking message stating how many women are “promised careers as dancers only to wind up here”. …

Pope Francis tells us he thinks gay people getting married will destroy families

It’s Not New, It’s Not Exciting

“OMG, OMG, OMG. Did you hear what the Pope said about gay people? Did you? DID YOU? This is a sea change! It’s so important! He’s said something amazing and groundbreaking!” Now, please raise your hand if you’re, like me, getting tired of hearing people take a throwaway line and …

Victorian gentlemen make being queer look so exciting. Like participating in an Indian colonial effort and wearing pith helmets. (via)
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Ex-Gay Ministry Will Soon Be Ex-Ministry

I admit, I can’t believe that I actually just typed that headline. Living in Orlando, Exodus has quite a footprint. I mean, they are often overshadowed by theme parks, but they spend their time at the University and if you’re aware of them, they really are everywhere. What I find …