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AI: Surprising Support

This week, I headed out to the country side to join the whole family for a cousin’s birthday. At a certain point, one of mhy cousins who has recently accepted Jesus as her savior, but previously intended to be a biologist like me, started an argument with me with the …

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Sex and Ghosts

Much more will appear in this space about the issues raised in my last piece, ways trans folks can make greater strides in care for ourselves and community, but this random and interesting science story gripped my imagination hard just a few minutes ago and won’t let go. It’s got …


On the Abuse of Social Science

One of the reoccurring talking points of opponents of marriage equality is that social science research demonstrates that children do better with a heterosexual couple than any other type of parenting situation. For an example, see this exchange between CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and hate-group leader Tony Perkins. Note how she …


An Object Lesson: Part 2

It’s hard to get more timely with these questions about objectification and science than right now. Our own network’s founder’s decision to not attend TAM this year, which I’m confident anyone reading this has also read about, underscores how germane this all is. Between that and… well, arguably pre-historical practices …

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Queer Health: Childhood violence and aging

I'm willing to bet that most QUILTBAG folk will agree- we're a pretty stressed out group of people. With discrimination present in almost every aspect of our daily lives, it's hard to not feel a little tense; add to this the fact that many of us have been or will …


Internalized Homophobia Turned Outward

What the queer community has suspected for basically forever is true: One of the driving factors causing homophobic opinions and behaviors is one's OWN same-sex desires. A new paper from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that homophobic college students are more likely than other heterosexual-identified students to …

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Quickies 4/4/2012

Students at a Catholic high school respond to a discussion on marriage that compares gays to bestiality. They made their anger heard. is doing a survey for students and their parents on bullying. Make your voice heard here. Today is the 44th anniversary of the launch of the last …