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So What If I Wasn’t Born This Way

The “born this way” story of queer identity is one most people in modern developed countries know well. It is applied to people of all sexual orientations and to trans people, especially binary trans people, and tells us that the right way to be queer follows a common structure. We …

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I played a shockingly normal gay, furry dating sim

Willy Bear Beach is a visual novel/dating simulator set in an idyllic, east coast beach town. You take the role of Willy, a care-free, gay, man who runs a sundries shop. Your only goal in this game is to find a willing partner with which to have a casual encounter. …

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Coming Out Story: From Fundamentalism to Acceptance

Today’s Coming Out Story is mine, but also involves the coming out of my best friend, Erik. I share our story with his permission. My best friend is Erik, a lanky boy I met on the school bus when we were both in the 4th grade. We bonded because we were …

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Frequently Asked Questions (By Straight People About My Sexuality)

“So… scissoring.” “Being asexual is like not having a sexuality right?” “So you like, date girls?” “You’re gay. Which of these two girls do you think is hotter?” “Would you date me if I was gay?” “You’d totally fuck me if I was gay, right?” “Wait… so you don’t fuck people?” …

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The Queerview Mirror: Insatiable: Porn-A Love Story

I’ve watched porn exactly once, and it was in a class (Human Sexuality), so pretty much everything I know about porn is from a secondary source. I believe that porn is not evil but also that it is not uniformly good. I worry about objectification and exploitation of women and …

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Still Waiting After All These Years: FDA and Gay Blood Donation

Update (December 30, 2014): The FDA recently announced that it would relax the lifetime ban on blood donation for men who have sex with men. Instead of banning all men who have had sex with men after 1976 for life the new rule permits gay men who have been celibate …

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Nude Art in an Asexual World

On and off over the last month, I have found myself arguing in my head that the history of art would still be full of nudes if all people were asexual. It isn’t something I ever expected myself to have an opinion on, much less not be able to stop …

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Raise a Glass

When I came out it was far from triumphant. The awkwardness of the affair, the strange, muted reaction of the family and the sudden shift in the way a large portion of my friends perceived me shifted things to the negative. Within a month girl friends of mine tried to …