Cross-Post: I Am Not A Parent

The following post by Chris is cross-posted from Grounded Parents, the newest site on the Skepchick Network. Please visit them at http://www.groundedparents.com/! — I am not a parent. In a way it would be appropriate to say that I am not a parent YET. As of this writing (at least …

a copper IUD
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The IUD Option: Stigma, Falsehoods, and Shaming

This confession may come as a shock to some: I have never been in love with menstruation. The dread of a surprise attack, cramps, the discomfort of cotton wads crammed where no wads of cotton should be. While still respecting those who savor their bloody womanhood, I grew up wishing …

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AI: Convention Survival

This weekend is SkepchickCON! It will be my first time at CONvergence and I am extremely excited. I haven’t been to a whole lot of skeptical events before, and I have never been to a geek convention of this size before, so it’s going to be a big deal. I …