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On August 4th, Come See Scenic #Twitter!

Hello Queereka! Anna here, midly internet-famous Twitter Misandrist and 7th most hated person on Reddit. I am honored to be selected to write articles here and hope that this “blog web” format will be both exciting and enriching for all of us! Since I don’t understand “blog webs” entirely yet, …

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AI: Convention Survival

This weekend is SkepchickCON! It will be my first time at CONvergence and I am extremely excited. I haven’t been to a whole lot of skeptical events before, and I have never been to a geek convention of this size before, so it’s going to be a big deal. I …


What if everyone did that?

There’s been a lot of discussion in the last few days about sexual harassment at atheist conferences such as TAM, of the issue of unrelenting bullying of those, especially women, who speak out against it, and the vast room for improvement in how conference organizers discourage harassment and handle complaints. Ophelia …