Skepticism Against Cynicism

‘Skepticism’ is a loaded term these days, associated as it is with the typical Dawkins-type “skeptical atheist”. We all know the type: the cynic who hides behind authoritative-sounding terms like “science” and “skepticism” to justify bigotry. The conflation of skepticism with cynicism has always bothered me; the two are in …

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That’s Not Skepticism, It’s Ethnocentric Xenophobia

I am a medical anthropologist. As such, I spend much of my time reading about and studying medicine as a sociocultural practice, particularly the ways that culture influences biomedical and public health practices. One of the reasons I went into medical anthropology was that I took a fantastic undergraduate Medical …

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Retort and Riposte: More Grad School Stuff

So for those of you who missed the earlier exchange Dan and I have been having a bit of a back-and-forth RE: the state of graduate education. I broke the topic with an article on the Duke Collective, a group of students who had resorted to wage sharing to help …


Can we not quote mine each other?

So I came across this article via facebook (how else would I read anything?). The quote that really rubbed me the wrong way is as follows: I read blogs. And an unfortunate consequence of reading blogs is that sometimes you stumble upon statements that make you upset. Lately, I’ve been …

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Deconstructing The Anti-Sexwork Video From Upworthy – An Atheist Perspective

Recently a video found here has been making its way around the internet, this video depicts sex workers in the red light district doing a dance number, and at the end it shows an anti trafficking message stating how many women are “promised careers as dancers only to wind up here”. …

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The Dangers of Hero Worship and Demonization.

Most people have their heroes, people they look up to and admire. People they seek to emulate and be more like. We see it every day in our society, look up to this person or look up to that person our media is flooded with heroes for us to worship, …

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The Zimmerman Verdict

I’ve seen a lot of people on my facebook feed saying that we have no way of knowing whether racial bias influenced the Zimmerman “not guilty verdict.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, although most of the white people on my friends’ list are outraged at the verdict, all …


Monthly Mathematics: Group theory and Topology

This is an idea that popped into my mind a while back that I’ve really wanted to make a thing. I think the monthly mathematics could be a really useful facility for skeptics to practice critical thinking skills and logic. As a skeptic, I believe critical thinking is a corner …