Why Gender Differences Don’t Matter (and Other Myths)

A few days ago, Harriet Hall wrote a post on Science-Based Medicine titled “Gender Differences and Why They Don’t Matter So Much.” The article left a bad taste in my mouth for a number of reasons. Aside from what I feel is a gross misrepresentation of various criticisms of Michael …


Makes perfect sense!

One random bit of woo I encountered from a relative who first heard it on Oprah: Dr. Christian Northrup’s theory of thyroid pathogenesis. In many women thyroid dysfunction develops because of an energy blockage in the throat region, the result of a lifetime of “swallowing” words one is aching to …


Where’s the Skepticism?

A few days ago, I posted an article about a “study” in which researchers have claimed to have found a causal link between in utero hormone levels and homosexuality. I originally posted about it on Queereka, but once I saw it circulating around the skeptical blogosphere some more, I cross-posted …

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That’s not what that means: Relative risk factors

I spend about 18-23 hours a day on facebook, correcting all of the wrong things my friends say.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Yesterday, I noticed this show up in my feed: The accompanying text read:  One can of diet soda each day can increase …

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The Gay Epi-genes?

I came across this awesomely bad article late last night. It is either an example of really bad science reporting, really bad science, or both. Actual Headline: Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay. I’m sure many of you are familiar with ever-elusive “gay gene” and the …

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Labels of Convenience

Why, hello there. I’m Belle, and I am one of the new writers for Queereka. Will should be along at some point to announce the others and introduce us, but I’m not patient enough to wait to post, the reason being this topic has been on my mind for a …


God Can’t Lie, And You Can Trust Him On That!

Via PZ, check out this video of Eric Hovind arguing with a much more intelligent elementary school kid. The relevant quote: Eric Hovind: We all deal in the realm of certainty…If I, for example, knew everything there was to know, if I had all knowledge, and you didn’t, AND there …


The Enemy Within: Part 2

((Continuation from here)) Many people I know say their persistent shame makes them prone to crying far more often than they think is healthy, while in the last year and a half, I’ve truly wept only once. Further, it was because of an experience designed, with the help of a …