Quickies: Nepal Pride, ISIS HIV Horror, Grace Jones, Oliver Sacks

Nepalese LGBTs March for Constitutional Rights – Hundreds marched on Kathmandu demanding the rights to marry, adopt children, and inherent property from one another. Japanese Dictionary Makes “Love” and “Sex” Queer Inclusive – “The latest edition of the Sanseido Kokugo Jiten, or National Language Dictionary, has revised its definitions of words relating …


Quickies: Military Ban on Trans Ending, Duke No Fun Home, Rentboy Bust

US Military Ban on Transgender Service Members Ending in 2016 – “he Pentagon’s ban on transgender troops would end May 27 under a draft timeline on repeal of the policy that affects about 12,000 troops, according to a document obtained by USA TODAY.” About time! Gay Refugees Address U.N. Security Council – “’This …


Quickies: Attempted Clinic Bombing, Wonder Woman Officiates Lesbian Wedding, Bi in the USA

Man Caught with Bomb in Women’s Health Clinic – A man was arrested after bringing an improvised explosive device into the South Wind Women’s Center, where Dr Tiller worked before he was murdered. No one was hurt in this apparent instance of attempted domestic terrorism by yet another white, Christian, American male. Anti-Gay …


Bisexual vs. Pansexual: What’s the Difference?

This is an updated version of something I wrote on my personal blog last year. There’s a huge debate online about the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality. Some who are just discovering their non-monosexuality aren’t sure how to identify, and there are a lot of misconceptions about what bisexuality actually …


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  • User Avatarphilipkvagina { "When the term was applied to human sexuality, people knew very little–if anything–about non-binary genders. So if someone had relations with people of more than... } – Aug 31, 3:22 PM
  • User AvatarBenny Vimes { If a person doesn't like chocolate, but they like olives very much, do they experience less pleasure in their life than I do as a... } – Aug 25, 1:52 PM
  • User Avatarglad13 { I'm disagree with your metaphor on #11 ("You're missing out") You made a reference to other forms of sexual desire in the metaphor saying, "all... } – Aug 13, 12:55 PM
  • User AvatarTrav Mamone { Please please please call the Trevor Lifeline at 1-866-488-7386! We can't afford to lose any more. } – Aug 09, 12:43 PM
  • User Avatarjayken { I too feel this pain, bullied, tortured, I dont belong here,, I dont have a place here,, why did God created me this way,, or... } – Aug 09, 10:21 AM
  • User Avatarjinxed { I do understand and agree with your point but the tea article that I linked to did state it as simply as "don't force people... } – Aug 04, 10:43 PM

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What is Loneliness?

Members of the LGBT community are disproportionately isolated from friends and family. Some of us have been rejected by our families. Many of us have been forced to move far away from the towns where we grew up in order to find more accepting communities. Much is made of LGBT …



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Queer: What’s In A Word?

Over on the Queereka Facebook page, someone left a couple of comments in response to Benny’s fantastic post about the “born this way” narrative. I think the issue that came up in the comments there is worth exploring in a bit more depth. Image Transcript: Eden Munday: It seems inappropriate …



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That’s Not Skepticism, It’s Ethnocentric Xenophobia

I am a medical anthropologist. As such, I spend much of my time reading about and studying medicine as a sociocultural practice, particularly the ways that culture influences biomedical and public health practices. One of the reasons I went into medical anthropology was that I took a fantastic undergraduate Medical …




Queering Ecology and Greening the Rainbow

I recently attended a panel discussion on why inclusive workplaces are an essential part of environmental sustainability and how to make workplaces inclusive. The material presented was interesting in its own right, but what it really got me thinking about was how infrequently these two movements (queer rights and environmentalism) …