Quickies: RIP Prince, More Anti-LGBT State Law Fallout, Patrick Stewart in Drag

A special note to my readers: I’ve been writing Queereka’s Quickies for two years now, never once missing an update. Recently I’ve becoming very busy with work and school, so I’m taking a break from writing for Queereka. Thank you all for reading and sharing my posts! We’ll be putting out the …


Quickies: The Matrix as Trans Metaphor, North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

Update on NC’s Anti-LGBT Law – [Warning: Autoplay] Trans vlogger Grishno gives an update on North Carolina’s HB2. NC Mom Speaks Out: “I’m Scared” – “I’m scared about people using the old language of protectionism of women and children to continue to spread hate and bigotry in a way that …


Quickies: Trans Bathroom Panic, Marriage Equality in Colombia, India’s Gay Prince

The Daily Show Takes on Trans Bathroom Panic – The Daily Show dedicated most of Wednesday’s episode to debunking anti-trans myths. “NAACP Announces Massive Sit-In at North Carolina Legislature if Anti-LGBT Bill Isn’t Repealed” – ““We cannot be silent in the face of this race-based, class-based, homophobic and transphobic attack …


Quickies: Scotland to Recognize Non-Binary Genders, The Simpson’s Smither’s Comes Out, More Anti-LGBT State Bills

Scotland FM Pledges Transgender Law Reforms – Under First Minister Nicola Sturgeon proposed reforms, Scotland will recognize nonbinary genders on legal documents such as passports and birth certificates, and it will become easier for transgender people to change their birth certificates. The Simpsons‘s Smithers Finally Comes Out – “When Waylon Smithers Jr. …


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  • User Avatarcriticaldragon1177 { Jac, I had no idea about the people behind the Matrix being transgender. I can see what they might have been getting at now if... } – Apr 23, 2:48 PM
  • User Avatarcrowboat { Sorry for the very late reply, but I felt the need to say something. When you say "Further, trying to lay down some uncontested borders... } – Apr 22, 4:00 AM
  • User AvatarHanoumatoi { Very sad to see what transgender advocates were saying come to pass: that after LGB marriage passed, things would get worse for the T. Hoping... } – Apr 08, 5:03 PM
  • User AvatarJon Brewer { It's become more profitable to be LGBT-accepting than to be homophobic. I think part of it is, everyone has gay relatives, so the Goldwater divide-and-conquer... } – Apr 06, 2:48 PM
  • User AvatarJac { Ha ha! } – Apr 05, 12:35 AM
  • User AvatarMarlowePI { Wait, so... so the George Mason University School of Law will now be the Antonin Scalia School of Law? It's... gonna be ASSoL. Sometimes the... } – Apr 04, 7:26 PM

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I’m Not Dead! Real Life Just Caught Up with Me

Apart from Jac’s Monday Quickies, things have been pretty quiet here at Queereka for the past few weeks. Apparently there’s this thing called “real life” that sneaks up on you sometimes. At least it has for me. For starters, I’m currently unemployed. I don’t want to get into the details, …



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Queer: What’s In A Word?

Over on the Queereka Facebook page, someone left a couple of comments in response to Benny’s fantastic post about the “born this way” narrative. I think the issue that came up in the comments there is worth exploring in a bit more depth. Image Transcript: Eden Munday: It seems inappropriate …



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That’s Not Skepticism, It’s Ethnocentric Xenophobia

I am a medical anthropologist. As such, I spend much of my time reading about and studying medicine as a sociocultural practice, particularly the ways that culture influences biomedical and public health practices. One of the reasons I went into medical anthropology was that I took a fantastic undergraduate Medical …




Queering Ecology and Greening the Rainbow

I recently attended a panel discussion on why inclusive workplaces are an essential part of environmental sustainability and how to make workplaces inclusive. The material presented was interesting in its own right, but what it really got me thinking about was how infrequently these two movements (queer rights and environmentalism) …