Eek! Late to the party!

How could I have forgotten Draw Mohammad day? Argh! Here’s my entry in the name of all the people injured, imprisoned and killed for drawing a picture of a dude whose been dead for 14 centuries.                         Link to …

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AI: Surprising Beliefs (Or Lack Thereof)

One of these days, one of my fellow co-workers at the lab said to me, upon finding out I was an atheist: “Seriously? You don’t belive in anything? Anything at all? Man, I can’t imagine what that feels like.” Now imagine hearing that. In a lab. While you’re making science.

Coming Out

Coming Out: L. Ron Hubbard Style

I'm intermittently closeted. I'm not out to anyone except a handful of friends as far as queerness is concerned, though I don't make any effort to hide it or self-censor around strangers.  But coming out has generally resulted in weird interrogations about whether I've had surgery, or whether liking women …