Quickies: Same Sex Marriage, Religious Communities, Models of Transition

Eric Stonestreet, the straight actor who plays a gay man on Modern Family, explains why he refused to have his picture taken with Rick Santorum. (Hint, it wasn’t the froth.) A second FL judge, this time in Miami, has ruled FL’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, and ordered the county of Miami-Dade to …

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Coming Out Stories: To Be Determined

Last week, I wrote about coming out as asexual.  But as I mentioned, that isn’t my entire story.  The rest of the story is about one of the shortcomings of coming out.  Coming out is an important tool for awareness raising and putting faces to marginalized identities.  However, it is …

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Let It Go, Already – The Frozen Agenda

(Originally written last Wednesday.) This morning I was shuffling down the highway toward a science museum in the mom-van with the three kids in the back, watching Frozen. Like you do. Because it’s school vacation week around these parts. And because FROZEN. And as my daughter (first grade) was belting …

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Coming Out Stories: Holding Hands with the Nonperson I’m Not Dating

Who among us doesn’t have a complicated relationship with the idea and the act of coming out?  Though the term ‘coming out,’ particularly when associated with the idea of ‘the closet,’ makes it sound like a one-time thing, coming out is really a never ending process.  We stop coming out …

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Coming Out Stories: A New Woman

Note: This posts contains mature content. Both image links go to websites with adult content. If you’ve glanced at my biography, you’ll notice that I am a trans* woman. To simplify it, when I was born the doctor said I was a boy based off of my genitals. However, as …

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Coming Out Doesn’t Solve All Problems

I sincerely hope that in the rush to promote the coming out process, that the message doesn’t come across that it’s an end of sorts. Yet the more I see about coming out stories, they tend to fall into two categories: triumphant messages of hope that involve instant acceptance and …


Tom Daley and Bisexual Invisibility in the Media

Yesterday, Olympic swimmer Tom Daley told the world, via YouTube, that he was in a committed relationship with another man. Presumably recognizing that the media would immediately characterize him as gay, he also mentioned that he is still attracted to women. While he refused to actually use words like “gay” or …

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Changing Perceptions

During the debates over Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, one of the recurring arguments used by the anti-gay side was that repealing DADT would hurt unit cohesion, as possibly the straight (male) soldiers would be uncomfortable having the gay (male) soldiers around, because the gay soldiers would maybe flirt with them or …