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Pull List of Justice: September 2013

Regular readers of my stuff will know that I am a comic book fanatic and have argued many times that comics have historically been at the forefront of social progress, often addressing issues that television and other mediums have been unable or unwilling to. Yes, they can also be problematic, …


QUICKIES 01/14/2013

In New York City, teacher Mark Krolikowski, who identifies as a transwoman, was fired from hir job for being “worse than gay.” Sie has since sued the school for damages. Good luck to hir! Actress Jodie Foster came out last night as gay at the Golden Globe awards. An object …

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2012: Year In Review

On January 2, Queereka will be one year old! To celebrate, we will be hosting a live Google Hangout on January 2 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. More details to follow! For now, I’d like to review some of the highlights on Queereka over the last year.


Myths and Misconceptions about Polyamory

Hi, I’m Yessenia, and I’m a firm believer in ethical non-monogamy. Those blessed souls in my inner sanctum are aware of this, but I hide in plain, heteronormative sight with my male-bodied partner and my female-to-whatever bodied “best friend” for my genetic progenitors, employers and the like.  The phrase ‘boyfriend’ …

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AI: Coming Out Digitally

In my entire family, my sister is the one person I am completely sure would be completely okay with my queerness (perhaps she would even find it awesome), and since she’s also one of my best friends, she’s the one person I really, really want to come out to. The …


Ta-Ta Tatas! Part 3: Recovery

Guest post by Turtles Note: this is part three of a multi-part series documenting my experience of getting top surgery (i.e. a mastectomy). This time around, I’ll be talking about how the surgery went and how the early stages of the healing process are proceeding. Greetings from the beautiful state …


Ta-Ta Tatas! Part 2

Guest post by Awkward Turtles. Note: this is part two of a multi-part series documenting my experience of getting top surgery (i.e. a mastectomy).  This time around, I’ll be talking about identity exploration, why I chose to have surgery, what the operation entails, and my feelings going into it. When …

Afternoon Inqueery

AI: Mother’s Day

So today is Mother’s Day, and, as I’m 800km (which is about 500 miles?) away from mine, not too happy a day for me. What the distance has done, though, is bring us to a place of understanding I could never picture we’d ever have before moving out. A place …