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Tips for Trans* Allies

Tips For Trans* Allies.   Disclaimer: This post is a list that hopefully will point allies in the right direction for being good allies, i’ve taken many ideas from the trans* folks on twitter and linked to their profiles as to amplify the voices of other trans* people and our …

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The Zimmerman Verdict

I’ve seen a lot of people on my facebook feed saying that we have no way of knowing whether racial bias influenced the Zimmerman “not guilty verdict.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, although most of the white people on my friends’ list are outraged at the verdict, all …

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A Defense of “Moron” as an Insult

[TL;DR version at the end of the article] Chris Clarke posting at Pharyngula has written a condemnation of the use of the insult, ‘moron,’ in response to a challenge from a reader. But he’s right about my not having offered my opinion on the use of the word “moron”.   …

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The Dose Makes the Poison

Most of you reading this blog are probably against anti-science, anti-intellectual bullshit from the right wing/Republicans; they don’t) (generally) believe in evolution, or the big bang, or stem cell research. There is, however, a complementary strain of bullshit-enthusiasm coming from the left, and we need to be just as skeptical. …

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Thinking like a Mathematician

Warning! Math-related post! Don’t let that scare you off! Math can actually be fun, and will help your reasoning abilities. — As I was wandering around the blogosphere, I stumbled upon an interesting article over at Michellalianna that has nothing to do with what I am going to write about. …

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2012: Year In Review

On January 2, Queereka will be one year old! To celebrate, we will be hosting a live Google Hangout on January 2 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. More details to follow! For now, I’d like to review some of the highlights on Queereka over the last year.

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I Know it When I Experience It

So, the UK government is working through the necessary legal contortions to achieve marriage equality (yay!), and of course opponents are falling all over themselves trying to come up with ways to prevent, delay, or weaken this.  One particular issue that’s been raised struck me as faintly absurd at first …


Where’s the Skepticism?

A few days ago, I posted an article about a “study” in which researchers have claimed to have found a causal link between in utero hormone levels and homosexuality. I originally posted about it on Queereka, but once I saw it circulating around the skeptical blogosphere some more, I cross-posted …