Disgusted But Not Surprised

By now, everyone has seen the opportunistic god-botherers climbing over the still-warm bodies of six year-olds to plant their “We told you so!” flag of self-righteous triumph. Apparently, God is a spiteful Zeus, permitting if not actively facilitating (though I fail to see how an all-powerful being could be an …


How to Get it Right, When You Got it Wrong

For years after I began my gender transition I regularly had an experience that is nearly universal among trans* folks: Someone would use the wrong gender pronoun for me, or my old name. That was a bit uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as what came next. If they knew …


Sydney “Gayby Baby” Film

There’s a really cool documentary project going on in Sydney, Australia. Director Maya Newell, the daughter of a lesbian couple, says she “hope[s] that in watching this film audiences will be inspired to interrogate ‘what is family’ and how and by whom it is designed.” You’ll find the video down …

Coming OutHealth / Medicine

Mis-Abling and The Disability Closet

This year, when I sat down and thought about what I’m really, enduringly thankful for, I noticed a pattern. On top of the more universal things – my family, my friends, and above all, my cat Cedric (name changed to protect purr-vacy) – there were some items on the list …

Alt Med / QuackeryScienceSkepticism

That’s not what that means: Relative risk factors

I spend about 18-23 hours a day on facebook, correcting all of the wrong things my friends say.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Yesterday, I noticed this show up in my feed: The accompanying text read:  One can of diet soda each day can increase …

GaySex & SexualitySkepticism

The Gay Epi-genes?

I came across this awesomely bad article late last night. It is either an example of really bad science reporting, really bad science, or both. Actual Headline: Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay. I’m sure many of you are familiar with ever-elusive “gay gene” and the …

Meta Stuff

Welcome Our New Writers!

First, let me say thank you to everyone who applied to write for Queereka. We had over 50 applications this time around! We have brought on 5 new writers. If you were not selected this time, keep an eye on the site because we may bring on more writers in …


Safe Space or Derailment?

During the London Feminist Film Festival the men in the audience were asked to leave by Julia Long, the author of Anti-Porn, The Resurgence of Anti-Pornography Feminism. Long’s account of what happened is So I’m a Feminist Troublemaker for Requesting Some Women-only Space? and one of her detractors, Marta Owczarek, …