‘The Power of Language’

Recently I attended a workshop held by my university’s multicultural group entitled that was focused on how language and power/privilege interact. It had the potential to be a great lecture, full of meaningful examples of how language reveals underlying biases and other good stuff. But it wasn’t. Instead, the discussion …

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Pull List of Justice: September 2013

Regular readers of my stuff will know that I am a comic book fanatic and have argued many times that comics have historically been at the forefront of social progress, often addressing issues that television and other mediums have been unable or unwilling to. Yes, they can also be problematic, …

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What two Queer games came out this week that you should be playing?

Did you really think I’d answer that question where you can see it without clicking on the article? I read Huffington Post, I know what’s up. Plus, I’d really Hate it if you didn’t click on this article. I will have Gone Home today to look at my viewership stats …


The ‘Schism’ in Skepticism

Cross-posted from Teen Skepchick  Over the last few years, and especially since the event known as “Elevatorgate,” we’ve seen a drastic increase in the visibility of sexism within the skeptic/atheist movements. It has been the focus of many conversations, and many eyes have been following the developments of people coming …

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On August 4th, Come See Scenic #Twitter!

Hello Queereka! Anna here, midly internet-famous Twitter Misandrist and 7th most hated person on Reddit. I am honored to be selected to write articles here and hope that this “blog web” format will be both exciting and enriching for all of us! Since I don’t understand “blog webs” entirely yet, …

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AI: Harassment Where There Shouldn’t Be Harassment

Last week, there was a Slutwalk in the city where I leave. It was the first one I was able to attend, and came in a week marked by various protests and public manifestations here in Brazil, which made it bigger and better covered by the press. It was beautiful …

a copper IUD
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The IUD Option: Stigma, Falsehoods, and Shaming

This confession may come as a shock to some: I have never been in love with menstruation. The dread of a surprise attack, cramps, the discomfort of cotton wads crammed where no wads of cotton should be. While still respecting those who savor their bloody womanhood, I grew up wishing …

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Fallen Women

That’s what we used to be called in another era of sex work prohibition, “rehabilitation”, during another national scare and shame. The Industrial Era brought with it a new kind of sex worker, better suited to capitalism and the phenomenon of interchangeable parts, and “fallen woman” was the euphemism of …