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AI: Mansplaining

A while ago, when my sister was visiting, somehow the subject of how women are treated differently from men in basically any job they end up in arised, and she came up with an example back where she lives, of a company that will not hire women because they may …


My Vagina Says “____”

Conversations about gender differences have been happening for a long time. Since like, the 70’s, man! Sometimes I can’t even believe I’m discussing a given gender-related topic in 2013; it just seems so out-dated that sometimes I would rather roll my eyes and /facedesk than be talking about it. One such conversation …

Afternoon Inqueery

AI: Everyday’s Little Prejudices

Last week, I was out of town with a couple of friends for a congress. While looking for good places to get food for the rest of the week, we got into a sandwich shop that seemed pretty good. When the waiter brought the check in, he hesitated for a …


QUICKIES 09/03/2012

Just in case your children were for a moment tempted into believing that perhaps their sex was not their sole defining trait, Sheila Walsh has come along with His and Hers bible story books! A new report from GLAAD examines LGBT character depictions on American television. Skeptics of the intersectionality …


Myths and Misconceptions about Polyamory

Hi, I’m Yessenia, and I’m a firm believer in ethical non-monogamy. Those blessed souls in my inner sanctum are aware of this, but I hide in plain, heteronormative sight with my male-bodied partner and my female-to-whatever bodied “best friend” for my genetic progenitors, employers and the like.  The phrase ‘boyfriend’ …


Another one

Ophelia Benson of Butterflies and Wheels and Kausik Datta of Oh, The Humanity of It All point to yet another article (almost a carbon copy of the last one I poked with a stick)where a woman equates wearing the hijab with somehow being liberated from the constraints of patriarchy. The …

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Women in World of Warcraft: The Bigger Picture

Cross-posted on Skepchick. Skepchick reader Sean sent in this link to a post on a World of Warcraft fansite that discusses the lack of strong, independent female characters in World of Warcraft’s lore. The author of the article refers to “barnacle characters,” which are characters that depend upon the storyline …

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The Queerview Mirror: Lip Service

Caution: this contains MASSIVE spoilers for the second series of BBC series “Lip Service”. You have been warned…   In 2010 a Stonewall report found that, out of a sample of 126 hours and 42 minutes of UK broadcasting, just seven minutes depicted lesbians “positively and realistically”. That’s about 0.1% …