Goodfriend and Bryant hold up their license.
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A Texan’s Reaction to the First Same-Sex Marriage License in Texas

There is a persistent mythology in and about Texas: the notion that we have somehow held on to the “Wild West” independent spirit, and always will. This mythology is heartily based in fact, I mean, we were our own country for a time, and people in and out of Texas often suggest …

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The Queeriew Mirror: The Perfect Wedding

Spoiler Alert: This review contains spoilers for the 2012 movie The Perfect Wedding, not that the movie isn’t predictable enough that you couldn’t have guessed what might happen anyway. I have a fairly high tolerance of and appreciation for cheesiness in general, and specifically in movies. I am also not …

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AI: What Now? What Next?

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I could help further the cause of LGBTQIA/queer rights and equality, spurred mostly by the state of those rights in my home state, Montana, and some disappointing developments on the non-discrimination ordinance front. Montana is not one of the 19 states in which same-sex …

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QUICKIES 05/23/2014

Huffpo reports that North Dakota is now the only state in the union with an unchallenged ban on gay marriage. Anyone got any theories? Disgusting: Canada denies visas to Ugandan gay rights activists seeking to attend the World Pride conference, on the presumption that they would subsequently seek asylum. Well, …

Bearded tornado destroys church for members not being anti-gay enough.

Quickies: Parade Thanks Mass Resistence * Grindr as STD Prevention Tool * SSM Ruling in Kentucky Stayed * “Don’t Say Gay” in Catholic Schools * Gay Tornados

Greetings, one and all! Hope you’re having a good day. Here’s a mixed bag of news to potentially get you going, maybe laughing, we’ll have to see. – Over at GoodAsYou, it appears that MassResistence, the fringeyist of fringey anti-gay groups, lead by the awful Brian Camenker, got a nice …

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Lowered Expectations + Vague Statements = Person of the Year

By now you’ve heard that the Advocate has named Pope Francis its person of the year. In perhaps one of the most cringingly apologetic and sycophantic pieces published about the Supreme Pontiff, Lucas Grindley reaches to draw the barest scraps of meaning out of the most innocuous of statements. In …

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Pull List of Justice: September 2013

Regular readers of my stuff will know that I am a comic book fanatic and have argued many times that comics have historically been at the forefront of social progress, often addressing issues that television and other mediums have been unable or unwilling to. Yes, they can also be problematic, …

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Quickies 4/22/2013

If you haven’t seen this yet, check out the New Zealand House of Commons breaking out into song after legalizing gay marriage. 18 illustrated responses to street harassment. The curator of the Everday Sexism Project talks about the project, about the sexist hate mail she gets, and about the support …