Quickies: Healthcare while Trans, Voting while Trans, and Bill Donohue Sadz

Healthcare a Challenge for Transgender People – Everything from finding healthcare professionals who know how to treat you, who will treat you with dignity, and who you can afford to see are huge barriers to accessing treatment for the transgender community. Study: Voter ID Laws May Disenfranchise Trans Voters – …


Makes perfect sense!

One random bit of woo I encountered from a relative who first heard it on Oprah: Dr. Christian Northrup’s theory of thyroid pathogenesis. In many women thyroid dysfunction develops because of an energy blockage in the throat region, the result of a lifetime of “swallowing” words one is aching to …

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AI: Governmental Measures

This week, Brazilian government announced that trans* people will have the right to use their social names – that is, the name they chose and that fits their identity – to present themselves within the Sistema Universal de Saúde/SUS (Universal Healthcare System). The legal names don’t cease to exist, as …

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AI: The Harms of Natural Medicine

This holiday season, a 14-year-old cousin of mine had to have an emergency appendectomy and spent New Year’s eve hospitalized. She had the surgery on Dec. 29th, but she’d been showing symptoms (unbearable pain that refrained her from even walking and inability to keep anything in her stomach among them) …

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Queer Health: Avoiding the Stealth Bomb

Back a few months ago some friends of mine passed around a (not safe for work) blog post titled “Stealth Bomb: What it is, What it isnt, How it Works.” I do recommend clicking that link and reading the post but please be forwarned: The post is definitely not work …