Quickies: Going Home for the Holidays, Hopefully not to India, Maybe to Philly

Happy holidays from all of us here at Queereka! So many to choose from: Christmas, Hanuka, Solstice, Saturnalia, Newtonmas, Squidmas, Cthulhumas, or Festivus (for the rest of us). Let us know which you’re celebrating in the comments below! Surviving the Holidays while Trans – Being with family for the holidays can be …

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Queer + Holidays: A Real-life Guide to Surviving

Every year, I watch as younger and younger kids come out to their families. Now kids are coming out in kindergarten. Our world is slowing changing for the better in that regard. When I was a child, no-one was coming out that I knew, and when I went to college …

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AI: On Christmas

Coming from a deeply Catholic family, Christmas has been a big deal since I can remember. Even though I have never ever been particularly fond of religious traditions, I’ve always cherished it, the one day a year when the whole approximately 40-components-big family gets together with an spectacular amount of …