Chivalry's Not Dead

Chivalry’s Not Dead: Chilly Charity and Basketball

Here’s the second installment of Chivalry’s Not Dead! We didn’t have any reader submissions this week, but there were a couple notable items in the news:   Some of the people from the Atheists of Maine jumped into a chilly-cold lake to raise money for a children’s retreat called Camp Sunshine that hosts kids …

Chivalry's Not Dead

Chivalry’s Not Dead: We Call it Humanism!

…since we took out the gendered part of the definition! Welcome to the first edition of Chivalry’s Not Dead, a weekly installation with a focus on humanism. This feature will showcase some acts of humanism every week on Wednesday from the news or personal experiences from our blog readers and …

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Darwin Gets His Own Day

*cross-posted from Teen Skepchick* Since most of our readers are science nerds (or at least know something about science and evolution), I’m sure it’s not news to you that tomorrow is International Darwin Day! If you’re not familiar with the celebration, I guess I’ll take the several minutes to explain what’s going …

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AI: Picture Books for Godless Kids

The other day, I was pondering what gifts I could get my younger siblings as New Year’s presents. My parents are raising the kids (aged 4 and 6) as rational thinkers who look at nature with wonder and at religion with a skeptical eye. In spite of the wishes of …