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I Know it When I Experience It

So, the UK government is working through the necessary legal contortions to achieve marriage equality (yay!), and of course opponents are falling all over themselves trying to come up with ways to prevent, delay, or weaken this.  One particular issue that’s been raised struck me as faintly absurd at first …

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Everyone in the crowd knew you were a lesbian.

I saw them across the quad. Three preachers – two men and a woman – with a giant sign announcing the inevitability of eternal torture unless I immediately subscribed to their newsletter. As some of you know, I’m a finely tuned scorn-powered IRL trolling machine.  It was either this or …


Quickies 08/13/2012

The FAA has eliminated the psychological testing requirement for trans pilots.  Now we will take over THE SKIES! “My friend group has a case of the creepy-dude. How do we clear that up?” Just go, read it now. SMBC asks: What if Young Earth Creationists were Young France Historians? They …

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The Big Tickets

In any very large event where the people attending do not know most other attendees, there are two things, which characterize the event. First will be some kind of activity: athletic competition, a march, a concert. Second, and usually most important, there is a complicated and evolving dynamic of shared …

Afternoon InqueeryDiscrimination

AI: To Question or not to Question

Following on from Courtney’s excellent AI about self-identification and queer identity policing, I wanted to ask if it was ever possible for a situation to warrant someone’s identity to be called into question.

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AI: To queer or not to queer

Recently comics artist Erika Moen published a (NSFW) comic in English and French about experiences she’s had through identifying as queer. Her sexual identity has gone through several significant changes in her life, as documented in this (also NSFW!) edition of her autobiographical webcomic, DAR! (the whole comic is definitely …