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The Queerview Mirror: FIFA World Cup

Trigger warning: discussion of homophobic slurs I have spent most of the last month watching football (soccer), sometimes up to six hours a day. I’m not usually a sports fan, but every four years, I make an exception. I love the World Cup. This World Cup has been an interesting …

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The Queerview Mirror: Time Magazine “Sexual Assault on Campus”

If you opened the May 26th issue of Time Magazine to the first of the ten pages bordered in caution tape yellow (pages 20-29), you saw a picture of the main hall of my campus at night. My town, Missoula, Montana, has borne the title “America’s Rape Capital” for about …

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Where are all the LGBT scientists at?

I’m in the ongoing process of being out in a couple of life aspects, being gay and atheistic, (gaytheistic?) which involves a bunch of references to my boyfriend in casual conversation and honest but non-confrontational answers to questions like “So where do you go to church”. I try to be the best …

Photo of Calpernia Addams and Andrea James

Trans Exclusionary Trans Activists?

Yet again RuPaul’s questionable usage of transphobic slurs on his show has angered the online trans* community. Trans* public figures Calpernia Addams and Andrea James have not as much defended RuPaul as they have personally attacked one of the other trans* activists speaking out. I used to like Calpernia Addams, even if I …


Tom Daley and Bisexual Invisibility in the Media

Yesterday, Olympic swimmer Tom Daley told the world, via YouTube, that he was in a committed relationship with another man. Presumably recognizing that the media would immediately characterize him as gay, he also mentioned that he is still attracted to women. While he refused to actually use words like “gay” or …

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This Week In The Trans World. – A Magneto Perspective

Recently Chelsea Manning publicly confirmed what myself and many other transgender people had been saying for years, that she was in fact a trans woman. We knew her as Breanna due to the social media accounts created under that name, but we in the community know that sometimes the first …

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Slaughtering the Sacred Cows

I saw the movie Aeon Flux when it came to theatres, approximately forever ago.  Over the years I remembered liking it (because what’s not to like about Charlize Theron being a badass?), but that was pretty much it.  I watched it again recently with my Queer Feminist Media Critique goggles …

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AI: Problematic Media

Educating yourself about things like privilege and the kyriarchy is always a good idea, but it does have one slight drawback: learning how every form of media you once enjoyed freely has something wrong with it. From films that don’t even manage to involve two named female characters (or PoC …