This Bullying Bullshit is Bad for the Brand

There’s been a lot of talk about sexual harassment from the obvious angles: how it’s bad for those targeted specifically (because barf, who wants to deal with some skeezy dude all up in your space?) and how it’s bad for conference attendance generally (because barf, who wants to go to …

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The Big Tickets

In any very large event where the people attending do not know most other attendees, there are two things, which characterize the event. First will be some kind of activity: athletic competition, a march, a concert. Second, and usually most important, there is a complicated and evolving dynamic of shared …


An Object Lesson: Part 2

It’s hard to get more timely with these questions about objectification and science than right now. Our own network’s founder’s decision to not attend TAM this year, which I’m confident anyone reading this has also read about, underscores how germane this all is. Between that and… well, arguably pre-historical practices …


An Object Lesson: Part 1

If you’ve ever argued with a self identified “rational, logical” person over the existence of things like patriarchy, odds are you cherish the times science backs up your claims. Of course, you also probably have had whatever studies you proffered dismissed out of hand as quackery, or worse, taken as …

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MoveOn Ad Shows the Misogyny of Republicans

Via Crooks and Liars, MoveOn.org has produced an ad that takes the words right out of the quivering jowls of Republican fetus-fetishists and has women read them.  Obama has said his campaign may use a similar strategy – "We may just run clips of the Republican debates verbatim" – but what's …