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Pride is What You Make It

“It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist.”  –Laverne Cox A few months before my father disowned me for starting hormone replacement therapy, I spent many visitations, listening to him desperately attempting to dissuade …


QUICKIES 7/1/2013

Check out these hilarious reviews of a woman’s running shoe on Amazon.com, in honor of Wendy Davis. Fuck this concern trolling article from the Huffington Post: “I thought we were supposed to treat gay people like everybody else, not dress them in drag and ask them to host parties for …


Queer History: June

As ever, June is a huge month for the growing queer family. The progress of our march towards equality becomes embodied around the world in parades, and it is the time when we look back on our history with an urge to celebrate the distance traveled, galvanizing efforts and community …

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The Big Tickets

In any very large event where the people attending do not know most other attendees, there are two things, which characterize the event. First will be some kind of activity: athletic competition, a march, a concert. Second, and usually most important, there is a complicated and evolving dynamic of shared …