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When I first felt a compulsion to write a piece like this is difficult to pinpoint, but when it began to take shape was today, after I began reading Roxane Gay’s new collection of essays titled Bad Feminist. In short sentences, layered throughout her essays, she evokes her own experience …

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The Queerview Mirror: Time Magazine “Sexual Assault on Campus”

If you opened the May 26th issue of Time Magazine to the first of the ten pages bordered in caution tape yellow (pages 20-29), you saw a picture of the main hall of my campus at night. My town, Missoula, Montana, has borne the title “America’s Rape Capital” for about …

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More Worthy Than Others

According to Republicans in the US House of Representatives, this is how who deserves protection from domestic abuse should be determined. Before extending protection to women, it is the job of government, apparently, to carefully weigh which women are fully worthy of that protection. Their grave deliberations concluded, we know …


Zombie Epicurus to Mourdock: use your braaaains

By now, you’ve probably thrown up a little in your mouth over the latest Republican to say something horrifyingly contemptuous about rape in defense of forced pregnancy legislation. This week’s gray-faced man in a two-dollar haircut is some dingleberry Indiana senate candidate named Richard Mourdock. His view is that the …