Crossing Three Thousand Miles in Four Days: A How-To Guide

Two weeks ago, you will have given your notice to your alcoholic boss after having removed 20 or so scratched lotto tickets from the seat cushions of the delivery van. You will also have told your manager. “How long until you get out?” you ask. “Two months,” he replies, “My …

The Queerview Mirror

Queerview Mirror: Willful Impropriety

I have had a rather frustratingly short attention span recently, but instead of trying to fix the problem, I have decided to embrace it and have turned to short stories for my reading pleasures. I started with the small short story collection within the young adult section of my library …


Hello San Francisco

I’m on something of a misguided odyssey this week. I flew out to California with emails sent and a heart full of hope that I could maybe, maybe, squeeze my way into seeing certain graduate programs on an official visit. The idea of showing I was serious by appearing on …

AsexualityThe Queerview Mirror

The Queerview Mirror: The Heart of Aces

Here’s the thing: as an asexual who reads romances I am very happy that this slim volume of short stories called The Heart of Aces exists.  I first heard about it when it was in the idea stage and I came across a solicitation for story submissions.  I was excited …