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Slaughtering the Sacred Cows

I saw the movie Aeon Flux when it came to theatres, approximately forever ago.  Over the years I remembered liking it (because what’s not to like about Charlize Theron being a badass?), but that was pretty much it.  I watched it again recently with my Queer Feminist Media Critique goggles …


Why Gender Differences Don’t Matter (and Other Myths)

A few days ago, Harriet Hall wrote a post on Science-Based Medicine titled “Gender Differences and Why They Don’t Matter So Much.” The article left a bad taste in my mouth for a number of reasons. Aside from what I feel is a gross misrepresentation of various criticisms of Michael …


Where’s the Skepticism?

A few days ago, I posted an article about a “study” in which researchers have claimed to have found a causal link between in utero hormone levels and homosexuality. I originally posted about it on Queereka, but once I saw it circulating around the skeptical blogosphere some more, I cross-posted …


Zombie Epicurus to Mourdock: use your braaaains

By now, you’ve probably thrown up a little in your mouth over the latest Republican to say something horrifyingly contemptuous about rape in defense of forced pregnancy legislation. This week’s gray-faced man in a two-dollar haircut is some dingleberry Indiana senate candidate named Richard Mourdock. His view is that the …


An Object Lesson: Part 2

It’s hard to get more timely with these questions about objectification and science than right now. Our own network’s founder’s decision to not attend TAM this year, which I’m confident anyone reading this has also read about, underscores how germane this all is. Between that and… well, arguably pre-historical practices …

Afternoon Inqueery

AI: Camping Skeptically

A few years ago some friends and I were in a van together, headed out to a campground in West Virginia. We got pretty far into a rural area, without good signage, looking for our campground. We had an address for it, and a GPS, so we should have been …

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Two Salesmen

I recently became unemployed. The story is long and ridiculous, but I’ll save it for another day.  Right now, I want to talk about an interview I had. Though I found the ad on a prominent resume site, the interview turned out to be for a coveted position on the …

Coming Out

Coming Out Stories: A Couple of Closets

The first time I came out about anything was when I was thirteen. I did it over IM to my best friend, because I was a teenager who spent all of my time on my computer. (Some things don’t change.) E was a girl I’d known for five or six …