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1Flesh: How Sperm is Magic

I’m not the first to poke holes in this website.  And dear Cod, I hope I won’t be the last.  Basically, a member of the church that pioneered the “rape children instead” method of birth control has started a website that combines all the regressive sexual politics of the Catholic curmudgeon contingent …

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Context matters.

So as you all know, I’m a buff dude. Well-muscled. Eats-protein-powder-straight-from-the-can burly. Featured-image-is-that-time-I-shaved ripped. And I generally pride myself on the don’t-fuck-with-me vibe, unheeded only by fools, I deliberately waft. Yet, this dude at the gym the other day creeped me the fuck out.

Coming Out

Coming Out: L. Ron Hubbard Style

I'm intermittently closeted. I'm not out to anyone except a handful of friends as far as queerness is concerned, though I don't make any effort to hide it or self-censor around strangers.  But coming out has generally resulted in weird interrogations about whether I've had surgery, or whether liking women …