Quickies: 02/22/2012


Storycorp has an interview with David Wilson, one of the plaintiffs in the 2004 marriage equality court case in Massachusetts.

Yet more proof that Jon Stewart rules. I repeat: fuck Chris Christie.

Unicorn Booty is proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster loves us and wants us to be happy. [NSFW!]

s.e. smith has a really powerful piece on statism and sexual politics at Tiger Beatdown.

Bridgewater (MA) State University lesbian student campus paper staffer Destinie Mogg-Barkalow was assaulted last week after publishing a column advocating marriage equality.

Sociologist David Mayeda has written a pretty great analysis Super Bowl commercials and hegemonic masculinity.

To steal a headline from Queerty: Dick Cheney Lobbied For MD’s Gay-Marriage Bill. In Other News: Hell Frozen Over.

You can’t make this up: American Family Association blogger Bryan Fischer writes a whole column about how a 17-year-old Rhode Island high school junior is “a little atheist bully” who is “tyranically oblivious” and a “small-minded and vengeful brat.” Bonus bon mot from the commentariat: “Justice Clarence Thomas says a lot of dumb things. You might as well cite Carrot Top.”

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