Quickies: 02/22/2012

Storycorp has an interview with David Wilson, one of the plaintiffs in the 2004 marriage equality court case in Massachusetts.

Yet more proof that Jon Stewart rules. I repeat: fuck Chris Christie.

Unicorn Booty is proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster loves us and wants us to be happy. [NSFW!]

s.e. smith has a really powerful piece on statism and sexual politics at Tiger Beatdown.

Bridgewater (MA) State University lesbian student campus paper staffer Destinie Mogg-Barkalow was assaulted last week after publishing a column advocating marriage equality.

Sociologist David Mayeda has written a pretty great analysis Super Bowl commercials and hegemonic masculinity.

To steal a headline from Queerty: Dick Cheney Lobbied For MD’s Gay-Marriage Bill. In Other News: Hell Frozen Over.

You can’t make this up: American Family Association blogger Bryan Fischer writes a whole column about how a 17-year-old Rhode Island high school junior is “a little atheist bully” who is “tyranically oblivious” and a “small-minded and vengeful brat.” Bonus bon mot from the commentariat: “Justice Clarence Thomas says a lot of dumb things. You might as well cite Carrot Top.”

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Rachel is a queer lady from Texas who currently resides in southeastern Wisconsin. She studied history at Texas A&M University and has spent more time than she cares to admit arguing social justice with junior Republicans. She volunteers with Planned Parenthood and enjoys knitting, media criticism, and comic book slash fiction.


  1. February 22, 2012 at 12:38 pm —

    I always look forward to these each morning!

  2. February 23, 2012 at 8:02 am —

    It’s really difficult not to hate Dick Cheney even if its just a little bit. Also “sith lord,” lolz.

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