Quickies: 02/29/2012


CNN has a great photoset called “Transgender in a Male or Female World.”

Congratulations St. Petersburg on criminalizing “homosexual, pedophile propaganda.” We’re sure you’ll see an immediate reduction in homosexual activity among minors.

You have all seen the adorable homecoming photograph of Sgt. Brandon Morgan and his boyfriend Dalan Wells taken in Hawaii last week (if only because it is the featured image). KHON2 News in Honolulu has a brief report and interview with the couple.

Next up on the anti-gay “family” associations’ shit-lists: Toys R’ Us. No, seriously.

Denver mayor Michael Hancock talks about his late brother, calls for marriage equality, is awesome.

Doctor Who aficionada and sometime-scholar Courtney Stoker has a great interview (and an absolutely awesome series of photos from Gallifrey 2012) up at io9 about femme Doctors, crossplay, and the performance of gender in fan communities.

Featured Image from Gay Marines on Facebook.

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