Quickies: 3/9/2012

The big news on the Internet this week has been #Kony2012, a video made by advocacy group Invisible Children to inform and advocate for Joseph Kony’s arrest that went viral. The video spawned massive backlash – with many African writers and thinkers claiming that it eliminated Ugandan agency and oversimplified the situation. You can also read Ethan Zuckerman’s skeptical take on whether arresting Kony will really save Uganda here. And finally, a group called the Complexity Project posted an excellent rebuttal in the form of a quiz.

For International Women’s Day, a developer used existing data to show the wage gap for common computer science jobs over at narrowthegapp.com. An interesting project.

As PZ Myers reported earlier this week, the Anoka-Hennepin school district has reached a settlement with its students. Anoka-Hennepin, a part of Congresswomen Michelle Bachman’s district, was famous for its no discussion policy with regards to QUILTBAG, which possibly led to a suicide cluster of gay teens and was written up in Rolling Stone.

Feministe is hosting a great guest blogger who writes about the US evangelical movement, its goals and its methods. I highly recommend it.

The folks over at Science-b\Based Medicine are looking for abstracts that misrepresent the contents of the papers they are about. (And it’s for a good cause – fair use!). Go help them out here.

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