QUICKIES 03/19/2012


The Story of Leah and Vanessa explores a queer relationship with a sixteen-year age gap that has withstood the tests of time and outside skepticism.

A wave of hate crimes  in Iraq targeting gay men and "emos" (which according to the article refers to "wearing longish hair, and dressing in skinny jeans and black T-shirts adorned with skull motifs" – another example of the intersection of gender expression and sexuality) has been officially condemned by the US State Department.  

Via Feministing, one woman tells her story of being subjected to the mandatory ultrasound/shaming requirement in order to terminate her wanted, but doomed, pregnancy.  

Also via Feministing, an LGBT Ugandan group is suing Scott Lively, an American evangelist, for inciting violence against gays and lesbians in Uganda. 

Arizona and Kansas are currently considering laws that would allow doctors to withhold or misrepresent crucial medical information from their patients if they believe that disclosing such information would lead to a patient terminating a pregnancy.  When women can be criminally charged for their role in the deaths fo their fetuses, it's incredible that doctors are allowed to withhold crucial medical information from women.


Featured image is of three Iraqi "emos" who have been lynched in Iraq in the recent anti-gay murders.  Image is from here.

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