Quickies: 3-26-2012


One more way that human perception is flawed: Carrying a gun makes you more likely to believe an object held by someone else is also a gun.

Another school district is blocking access to pro-gay sites, allowing access to anti-gay and ex-gay groups, and still letting a ton of porn through their filters. School District Told to Replace Web Filter Blocking Pro-Gay Sites

Gay men are exempt from otherwise mandatory military service in Turkey. Proving they are gay is a humiliating process

Male identified transgender student is denied an RA position in the men's dorms, offered position in an all-female dormitory. The student filed a complaint

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  1. Something similar to the trans student story here in Canada: a trans woman was disqualified from Miss Universe Canada. She's challenging the decision, so I hope she gets something out of it. Too bad my local free daily newspaper decided to run with the headline "There he is, Miss Universe Canada."

  2. Oh, good to hear the Miss Universe Canada candidate is challenging the decision.  It's ridiculous; she's absolutely gorgeous (and must have nerves of steel!).  But speaking of the story about the college student: man, I really need to make a policy of never reading the comments section of any story about a trans person in a popular medium.  I'd like to hold on to my will to live a bit longer!

    • Yeah, the comments sections in any mainstream media commentary about transfolks are pretty awful.  In real life I don't really experience people talking like that very often, but the internet seems to be where the true biggotry shines through.  "Don't read the comments" is a good philosophy for reading mainstream media articles on any subject.

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