New Queereka Contributors


Hello everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who submited an application to write for Queereka. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of applicants, and I am thankful that our readers are so talented and intelligent.

We settled on three new contributors from the pool of over 20 applicants. Let me introduce them to you!

Cheyenne is a former instructor of rhetoric and argument, current sex worker and performance artist, and a white, able-bodied transwoman. She self-publishes novels, largely works of fantasy that try to queer up the genre and make it less Eurocentric. More often than not, she writes about sex work, activism, and the various rhetorical frames and fallacies that are used and abused in the culture wars.

Courtney is a theoretical physics student at Imperial College London who is planning on going into academia. She is also interested in science communication and outreach. She identifies broadly as a cisfemale panromantic asexual. She’s currently in the process of starting an organization for queer STEM professionals/students in the UK. Her hobbies include campaigning for all sorts of bleeding-heart liberal-type causes, messing about in Photoshop, reading, programming, listening to and playing music, and spectacularly failing to defy any stereotypes regarding British people and tea.

Rimi is a 25 year old transgirl currently residing in Michigan with her amazing girlfriend and the most adorable pug in existence. Her first degree was in math and physics for secondary education, though she is now pursuing a second degree in nursing due to an extreme lack of teaching opportunities for LGBT folk. She enjoys studying and writing about LGBTQA politics,  secular humanism, human origins, and the impact of religiosity on cultural attitudes. In her spare time, she's a skydiver, science geek, movie nerd, and a gamer girl.

I hope everyone will join me in extending a warm welcome to Cheyenne, Courtney, and Rimi.

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