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Back in January, we put out the call to help us build a resources page. Unfortunately, that project fell to the wayside. But now it’s time to bring it back!

We have begun to build our Resources page. I used all of the submissions from last time to get us started, plus I threw in a few myself. If you have any suggestions for us to link to, you can leave them in the comments or use the contact form. Things we are interested in:

  • Secular charities that serve queer people or have a reputation for being queer-friendly.
  • Domestic violence shelters that welcome queer individuals
  • Support groups, including mental health and addiction recovery that are secular and friendly to queer people
  • Online support forums for queer people
  • Queer activist organizations
  • Online information regarding queer, skeptical, atheist, humanist, and/or freethinking issues.
  • Anything else you feel might be relevant for a resources page.

We hope you will help us build a fantastic resources page!

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Will is the admin of Queereka, part of the Skepchick network. They are a cultural/medical anthropologist who works at the intersections of sex/gender, sexuality, health, and education. Their other interests include politics, science studies, popular culture, and public perceptions and understandings of anthropology. Follow them on Twitter at @anthrowill and Facebook at


  1. April 4, 2012 at 12:37 pm —

    Here are the first few things that came to my mind:
 (it's directed toward trans men, but could be helpful for anyone interested in trans issues; it includes detailed medical information on how hormones work and breaks down myths about testosterone and trans men)
    also along those lines,
 (not a bad trans 101)
 (a brief and provocative essay that has really challenged and influenced my views of gender)
 (on the fun side- a gorgeous repository of genders, including hundreds of neat quotes and people describing how they view their gender identities)
 (for the studies/statistics on LGBTQ topics, etc… though I should note I've only looked over the "Injustice at Every Turn" study)
    Anyway, hope that helps.  Good luck!

    • April 7, 2012 at 12:18 pm —

      Thank you! I've added all your links from both comments to the Resources page. =)

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