Quickies: 4/6/2012


Blog post "I'm Christian Unless You're Gay" continues to change people's minds, as reported by Salon

Lousiana passes a bill allowing charter schools to not accept gay students and students with physical disabilities. 

Free Thought Blogs's Jason Thibeault disscusses conciousness raising amongst bronies.

Although EA may be officially the worst company in America, they've stood up against thousands of letters from anti-gay people about the romance options in their games.

As reported by a Reddit user, these are the steps that a clinic needs to take on Good Friday. On that note, Happy Good Friday!

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  1. The second link really got me. “We’re against discrimination, but we don’t believe in special protections or rights.” You know, like the right to go to a public school in your neighborhood. Like the right to expect that, if you are paying taxes that support local schools, those schools should be willing to actually educate your kids, and not just the kids of people they like better.
    These are apparently "special" rights now, because, don't you know, LGBTs aren't normal, so they don't get any of the "normal" rights that red-blooded God-fearing Americans do, only the "special" kind. Cis, straight people living where they want, going to school, working, having access to basic government services, falling in love (and having sex!) without the government's permission, getting married, having their own kids, those are all fundamental rights everyone should have. Anyone else doing those things? "Special" rights.
    You have the right to go to school, but not to gay-go to school, just as you don't have the right to gay-marry, gay-parent, gay-work, gay-move, or even gay-exist. At least gay-existing was banned until those activist judges in the Supreme Court decided that it's a fundamental right to gay-sex someone without gay-going to jail. Or as is sometimes said by anti-gay lobbyists, usually with an expression of apocalyptic terror, "They said SODOMY is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT!!!" Usually while avoiding the issue of whether they think it's constitutional to ban straight people from having oral sex.
    /rant off

  2. As much as i find it abhorant to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation especially when it comes to education, I was under the impression (and maybe I'm wrong) that discriminating based on physical and mental disabilities is against the Americans with Disabilities Act. And unless I'v forgotten how the constitution works that means a state law can't make said discimination legal.

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