QUICKIES 04/09/2012


Barbara Walters interviews Jenna Talackova, the transgender beauty pageant contestant who was booted out and then let back in after the internet objected.  The offical reason for her disqualification? She is not a "natural-born woman." Spoiler alert, everyone. No one is born a woman.   Like most women, Ms. Talackova's puberty began at age 14.  

Bonus: Donald Trump sees through her charade of having a name that reflects her identity.  She has some sort of "ulterior motive!"  Just look at her name!   


It's just like genital.  Drop several syllables at the end and randomly change the central vowel from an 'a' to an 'i' by exploiting a rule in English that vowels in unstressed syllables can be pronounced as a schwa (i.e., 'uh') and you can be a totally s-m-r-t SMRT sex detective!

Apparently, the Mormons are against gay rights.  I know, right? This week, the state they're trying to subvert civil rights in is: Maryland!

If you haven't felt like punching a chocolate rabbit in the face yet today, this should help.  The shorter version: "Dear Asexuals, you don't exist! But if you do, you have a mental disorder, a physical disability, or perhaps are just naive and going through a phase.  I totally even heard of one "asexual" was in an asexual relationship with a man.  Checkmate, asexuals!   Just shut up already.  It's not like anyone is ever beaten or killed for not consenting to sex, least of all people who habitually don't want to have sex. And please, like anyone would ever have a negative response to you sad sexless sacks of shit.  Get back in the closet.  Signed, a gay man."

Featured image is of Jenna Talackova and Barbara Walters.

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  1. Thanks for posting that anti-asexual article – I will be posting something soon responding to anti-asexual sentiments like the ones in that piece. It's three years old, so I can only hope he's changed a bit in the meantime!

    Regarding the Barbara Walters piece, there are a few problematic elements to the interview, like Barbara asking Jenna her birth name and intimate questions regarding her body, but it seems a step in the right direction, particularly on what appears to be a mainstream TV programme.

    Donald Trump remains a huge douchebag with a toupee stapled on.

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