QUICKIES 04/30/2012


Oppressed brown girls doing things is an awesome tumblr.

Tomorrow is May Day, an international day for labor organizing.  It’s the anniversary of the first 8-hour workday law that went into effect in Illinois on May 1st, 1867.   When employers immediately ignored the law, the response was an enormous general strike. This year, May 1st is incredibly relevant given the recent legislative attacks on labor organizing, equal pay for women, and the right to organize into unions.  If you can, join the general strike!

Cherry is an accurate, lyrical snapshot of one 18-year-old’s entry into modern-day hardcore BDSM pornography.”  Don’t miss this review of an LGBT friendly, sex positive independent movie Cherry.

If you haven’t already, check out Rachel Maddow’s epic head-swivel response to Alex Castellanos mansplanation that women aren’t paid less “if you actually look at the numbers,” something women never, ever think to do.  Then, go read the actual studies on the wage gap that, shock amazement, take things like “number of hours worked” into account.  Amp’s Wage Gap Series is an excellent resource for any encounters with online wage-gap mansplainers.

Featured image borrowed from OBGDT Tumblr. Original source unknown, but the image had too many badasses in it to pass up.

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