Quickies: 06/06/2012


So Jason Alexander is apparently an awesome human being. Can we have more of this kind of thing from the rest of the world, please?

Trans woman defendant sentenced to 41 months in prison after fatally stabbing some asshole with a swastika tattoo who was taunting her with racist and homophobic slurs. She will be sent to a men’s prison pending a state “determination” of her gender. Note that the news story chooses not to use pronouns to refer to her.

Jamie Hubley’s idiot father is apparently testifying before the Ontario Assembly that having a safe space to come out, such as a GSA, would have made his son a bigger target for bullying. I…honestly, I’m so mad at this that I can’t even comment. Fuck you, asshole, your son deserved better.

Lisa Wade of Sociological Images lately appeared on Blake Cooper’s Sounds Familiar podcast talking about feminism and horror films. Links and a transcript of a fantastic 1980 episode of Siskel and Ebert on the subject here.

Requires Only That You Hate has a fantastic post about romance novels and queer identity.

Featured image from Seinfeld. Why is it so hard to find screencaps from the Cinderella TV movie, I ask you?

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  1. She will be sent to a men’s prison pending a state “determination” of her gender.

    Note also that she’s being sent to St Cloud, MN, a town so steeped in religious whackjobbery and homophobia that it’s difficult to imagine a worse place to send a TG individual.

    • What with this and the WI election yesterday, the Great White (American) North is making a good bid for Worst Region Ever. And stealing that title from the Deep South is a tall fucking order.

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