QUICKIES 06/10/2012


Your morning rage: can you guess what’s different between the books How to Survive Anything:Boys Only vs. Girls Only?  If you guessed that the boys are instructed in how to survive life-threatening situations, and girls are taught how to how to survive boys and make-up and not having enough pink everything, you win +5 internets.

Thank you, Hater!: The Musical

When I hit the paragraph about Speedy the Sperm, I thought: it’s either elaborate performance art, or sex-ed in Texas.

Bitch Flicks has put out a call for papers analyzing LGBTQI representation in movies and television.  Got a pen, 4-8 pieces of paper and some original thoughts? Send them in by June 22nd!

Here’s five historical transgender role models you’ve maybe never heard of.

Featured image is of the painting formerly known as Portrait of an Unknown Woman, now known to depict the French diplomat Chevalier d’Eon, who lived as a woman in 18th century London.

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  1. Re: five historical trans* role models:

    For my history of sexuality class, we had to do a mock grant proposal, and I made a proposal to do an ethnohistorical account of Sylvia Rivera’s life. I proposed to find primary and secondary sources, interview people who knew her, interview people who were at Stonewall, etc., and use all of that to write a biography about her. I really wish I could get funding to do that because I’d do it in a heartbeat! =)

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