QUICKIES 06/18/2012


The ACLU has a form to easily voice your opposition to the draconian forced birth bill passed last week in Michigan. You can also use this as an opportunity to declare your support for the women who dared use the correct term for The Orifice That Must Not Be Named, and were then forbidden to speak.

Iranian women are making inroads against the stigma attached to women living alone, though they still often have to be closeted spinsters – wearing fake wedding bands in public to meet with realtors, for instance – to secure a room of their own.

Good news from Virginia: existing abortion providers will be grandfathered in as exceptions to a new rule which would have closed 20 out of the state’s 22 clinics.

Feministing writes about the ridiculous, spine-cracking pose chosen for the cover of the new Catwoman series. Don’t try this pose at home unless you’ve had all your bones removed and your arm amputated and reattached to your hip.

Featured image is the cover of Catwoman #0.

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