Quickies: 06/20/2012

So Northern Ireland’s health minister has a hilarious name, defends excluding gays from blood donation, is a moron. I like Queerty’s comment: Poots also rejects evolution and thinks the Earth is only 4,000 years old. [TW on that second link for a lot of pretty depressing violence-against-gays news.]

Your daily dose of “oh what the hell, Utah” news.

Oh hey, Northstar is getting married today! Drinks all around, and here is a funny CA post from lst month about comic book weddings. Unrelated: I fucking love Phil Noto. Tangentially related: I’m still laughing over “Are we being invaded by aliens again?”.

Okay, I am honestly not just being lazy here, but this headline-URL says it all: Man Searched at Airport on Suspicion of Paedophilia Because He Had a Camera and a Boyfriend.

Here’s a cool video from Sut Jhally about what advertising has to say about the performance of gender.

And now for something completely different.

Featured image from Astonishing X-Men #51.

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