QUICKIES 06/25/2012


The US Supreme Court struck down several (but not all) provisions of Arizona’s SB1070 in Arizona v. United States, stating, among other things, that “By authorizing state and local officers to make warrantless arrests of certain aliens suspected of being removable, §6 too creates an obstacle to federal law. As a general rule, it is not a crime for aremovable alien to remain in the United States. The federal scheme instructs when it is appropriate to arrest an alien.”

Saudi female athletes will compete in the 2012 Olympics! While this is fantastic news for the athletes, and a step forward for Saudi women generally, it is curious that they would treat one overt political symbol and one apartheid state so differently from another symbol and another state.

Salon has an article on up on the self-plagiarist Jonah Lehrer, the overwhelming maleness of top-tier journalism, and the problem of male arrogance (really, chauvinism) that leads to both.

ICE imprisoned Grace Lawrence, a Liberian transwoman, in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day for three fucking years because they were unwilling or incapable of thinking up any other way of protecting her from other inmates.

Featured image is from the BBC article on Saudi athletes, which includes the following caption for the image: “Showjumper Dalma Rushdi Malhas is currently the only Saudi female competitor at Olympic standard.”

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