Mansplaining in the wild!


“Different comedians have different types of humor. Tosh does a lot of the kind that pokes fun.”

Yes, a dude took some time out of his busy day to explain to the nice lady – excuse me, “joke nazi feminist” – why I shouldn’t find Tosh’s comment (I won’t dignify it with ‘joke’) uncreative and dull.

Obviously, I’m right. The proof? A joke doesn’t need to ask, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…?” You figure out it’s funny in the telling – no prologue required!

Yet look at how he felt the need to preface his disagreement with an incredibly mundane fact of the human experience. Which fact he apparently did expect me to have previously encountered.

This is mansplaining. Think about how utterly little prior knowledge he expected me to have. Not only did I not get to joke, the bigger problem is that Tosh is my first and perhaps only experience of comedy. Different comedians have different types of humor. Now there are these things called neurotransmitters….

In a related story, I have been informed that I am hypersensitive, and it has been hypothesized that perhaps this innate hypersensitivity is somehow to blame.

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