Quickies: 07/20/2012


Clare Balding thinks lesbians are better sportscasters. I actually find her argument interesting. She argues that the reason is due to audiences’ sexist attitudes, not some sort of inherent talent lesbians have related to sports.

The US Department of Defense is allowing service members to march in uniform for San Diego’s pride parade. Service members cannot usually march in parades in uniform without individual permission, but this permission applies to all service members for that particular parade.

Chick-fil-A and it’s president are talking out of both sides of it’s mouth but I doubt anyone is fooled. Basically they’re happy to sell us queer folks chicken sandwiches, as long as we don’t ask for any legal rights.

In planetary science news, Cassini got a shot of lightning on Saturn back in 2010. Let me say that a different way: Humans have build craft that can take pictures of LIGHTNING on OTHER PLANETS. Bad Astronomer has more.

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  1. You, uh, appear to have forgotten the URL for the Ckick-fil-a link. It’s just two empty tags, so it looks like a link but doesn’t actually do anything.

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