QUICKIES 07/23/2012


Sad day: Sally Ride, the first female American astronaut, has passed away at age 61 from cancer.

A victim of the Aurora shooting who was shot in the head not only survived, but experienced minimal brain damage, because of a tiny structural malformation in just the right place in her brain. Now that’s improbable.

Real Indians Don’t Care About Tonto: Adrienne K. responds to critiques from the native American community of her past work on Johnny Depp, Tonto and appropriation of native American imagery.

How are we fucking with the patriarchy this week?

Featured image is of Aurora survivor Petra Anderson.

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  1. Ugh, I’m really glad that Petra escaped any serious brain damage, but the perspective of that article is awful. It’s a miracle! Didn’t you know?

    • Sure, God could have given James Holmes an aneurysm that burst right before he fired the first shot, killing him instantly.

      Bu he was too busy making a small fluid channel in Petra’s brain. There’s only so many hours in a day, ya know.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Native Appropriations link. I agree 100% with her reaction to Depp’s choices regarding Tonto. He consulted zero Native sources, and his interpretation of the character is perfectly aligned with popular Hollywood Indian stereotypes. And how do her critics respond? They tried to silence her, and they attacked her Native identity rather than addressing her argument. That’s an especially insidious ad hominem to use against a Native blogger. And I’d be very surprised if some of the dismissiveness and vitriol coming from her detractors weren’t motivated by her gender.

    Regarding Sally Ride, Greta Christina covered the hypocrisy Mitt Romney’s reaction.

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