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AI: Who Inspired You?

Yesterday Dr. Sally Ride died. She was the first American woman in space, back in 1983. I was born in 1982, so I basically grew up in a world where women could be NASA astronauts. I was utterly convinced in grade school that I would go to space too. I knew the name Sally Ride before I knew the name of any other astronaut, including Neil Armstrong.

I got prescription eyeglasses in 6th grade, ending that dream – but I still count Dr. Ride as one of the primary inspirations of my childhood. Hearing about her death is really painful for me. I wish that the next generation of girls could grow up in a world where she was still inspiring young women’s dreams.

When I found out that Ride had a female partner it was an additional inspiration to me as a queer identified person. I wish I could have told myself that back when I was about 14, as it would have made a big difference to me then.

Who inspired you in your childhood? Are childhood inspirations different than those who lead us to want to do great things as adults?

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Benny Vimes

Benny Vimes

Benny Vimes is a queer polyamorous transman, curious skeptic, and enthusiastic seeker of knowledge. He's an undergraduate student in his 30's and loves teaching people about alternative sexuality and gender issues.

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