Quickies: 07/25/2012


Presented without comment.

I have zero difficulty believing that Bristol Palin is raising her kid to be a homophobic asshole, but her “correction” interests me more. It’s some kind of progress that a child saying “fuck it” is seen as less image-negative than saying “faggot,” right? Right?

Congressional Republicans are still assholes, film at 11.

Police have no suspects in obvious hate-crime against a Nebraska woman.

Safer-sex progress slows has slowed or even reversed among American high school students. Thanks a lot, abstinence-only education!

Featured image of the greatest Muppets of all time. OF ALL TIME.

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  1. From the Queerty article:
    “Hmm, maybe if those kids weren’t chowing down on Chick-Fil-A sandwiches so often, their fingers wouldn’t be so chubby and get caught in the puppets. Just sayin’.”

    The writer just couldn’t help fat shaming little children. ‘Out of Spite’ indeed. Fuck you, Dan Avery.

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