QUICKIES 07/29/2012


Good news for genderqueer Oxford students: Oxford has loosened sex-based dress code requirements. Previously, “if a transgender student wanted to wear subfusc [ceremonial clothes] of the opposite sex they had to seek special dispensation from university proctors, who had the power to punish those who breached the rules.”

Our Total Badass of the Week award goes to Afghani boxer Sadaf Rahimi, who just missed the cut to compete in this year’s Olympics. Good for her for punching cracks in the Afghani glass ceiling with her fists.

Here’s another awesome athlete: this year, 28 year old Keelin Godsey sought to become the first openly transgender athlete to represent the US at the olympics. Competing in the female category, he came up short in the final qualifier last week. His plans are to now begin the medical part of transitioning.

Scalia believes in your 2nd amendment right to keep and bear rocket launchers.

Featured image is of Sadaf Rahimi training.

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