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As I finish my summer classes, I have been finding myself frequently distracted by the internet, and specifically spending time reading backpacking and camping forums and researching a lot of DIY camping gear. I enjoy outdoor activities (although I’ve done very little this summer due to heatwaves and droughts) but the distraction right now is mostly a case of avoiding studying rather than a real intention to make all of the stuff I’m looking up.

What do you do when you’re distracted, and procrastinating?

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  1. That’s easy… I comment on blogs! Don’t tell my advisor.

    But for a more interesting answer, a few weeks ago I was procrastinating by folding origami. I have a single square on my desk that I was using to test out various shapes.

  2. Yeah, I also get distracted on blogs and comment sections.

    I deactivated my FB account a while back because I was just spending way too much time on there. Plus there was a lot of drama as I’m prone to argue with people. =P It’s actually been pretty nice not having it there. I also canceled cable.

    If I’m ever to get through grad school, I gotta limit these distractions. So I typically stick to blogs and try to not spend too much time on them. I find myself starting to type responses to people and just clicking away a lot more recently.

  3. Exactly what Will said, with a similar “if I’m ever to get through grad school” stipulation. But my guilty pleasure is fanfiction, and I tend to end up reading that as a slightly deeper distraction that makes me feel like I could stop and get back to work at any moment. (It’s pretty dangerous that way.)

    • … Or sometimes I make up entire systems of fictional units in order to describe myself as a dimensionless number. Like I just did in response to an email.


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